Our own vineyards and winery

The winery

It is a family property with it’s own vineyard and wine cellar. Our wine traditions go back until 1962 when the family starts his path in the noble arts of producing wine under the founder’s directions, Don Arsenio Garcia Cañada.

The vineyards are located southeast of Spain at 1000 meters of altitude, under the Denominación de Origen “Almansa”. Our wines are creatives and originals because of it’s location and modern facilities for the vineyard and wine cellar


The main variety at the property it is GArnacha Tintorera with 210 Has beig one of the few varieties of red grapes with coloured pulp, produces a wine of great color intensity, with violet tones, very structures and aromatic.

We also have 24 has of Syrah variety with medium size clusters, compact, cylindrical, with medium size grapes, elliptic short and a blue-black colour.

The wine is sumptuous, with an attractive spiced aftertaste and a great taste in mouth, that takes some time to acquire its personality. We also have 6 has. with a profound black pigment. The pulp is firm, crunchy with an astringent flavor and a peculiar taste that reminds to wild herbs.

Wine quality: it is obtained an intense red colour wine, with violet shades, of alcoholic body, aromatic and provided with a soft and characteristic herbaceous taste.

With the aging it is obtained a notable firmness.Vinified with other varieties, improves the organoleptics characteristics.


The wine process is done with the latest technology for wine making. All the material are aseptic and made in stainless steel to keep all its organoleptics characteristics of wine.

The facilities have automatic vinificators, rotative macerators, pneumatic presses, hot-cold installations in all deposits to keep wine at the needed temperature at all times.

The barrel hall and the bottling hall were the wine is done splitting the gross particles thru centrifugate, doing its physical stabilization (by cold) and microbiology (microfiltrations)

Wines with Designation of Origin Almansa

Our wines

Climate and soil


The weather it’s typically Mediterranean with the character of Continental climate. Its summers are dry and hot reaching 40 degrees easily while the winters are very cold with many snowfalls. The average annual precipitation is 376 l/m2. The rainy months are between May and October and usually comes with storms. The main winds are East-Southeast in summer and West the rest of the year.

The prominence of the is characterized for its location in highlands surrounded by mountains. It is one of the seventeen natural passages of the mainland and communicates the South Mainland with Comunidad Valenciana. The Sierra del Mugrón outstands with 1218 meters of altitude. The soil is limy, with some clayey zones and very poor in organic matter.

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