Our history

The winemaking tradition of Bodega Dehesa el Carrascal dates back to 1962 when the family began the noble art of making wine under the direction of its founder, Don Arsenio García Cañada.

At the beginning of the century, the construction of the winery started between the small towns of Alpera and Bonete, where a high-quality wine began to be made, always from our old vineyards, some of them more than 50 years old.

At present, the winery is managed by the second and third generation of the family, where we also have a highly qualified team for the production and commercialization of our wines, always betting on the native variety of the region: Garnacha tintorera.

Our philosophy

Dehesa el Carrascal makes modern-style wines, with a Mediterranean profile, varietals and international style, thus reaching many different types of consumers. Our objective is based on transmitting to wine lovers all the effort that comes from the field and the winery through wines with their own identity that can remain in their memory due to their high quality and fair price.

Our dream is that the flavor and nuances of our wines make you feel unique sensations that transport you to our region, full of natural landscapes and grapes as surprising as Garnacha Tintorera, so that you can feel part of our origin through our wines.

Our facilities

The facilities of our winery have been growing due to the increase in demand and recognition of our wines, which are made by a highly qualified team and the best technology on the market, which allows us to always have absolute control over all the temperature and humidity parameters, thus favoring and enhancing the properties of our grapes.


The reception of the grapes is one of the most important and cared moments in the winery. The grapes, harvested at their optimum point of maturity, arrive at the winery during the early hours of the morning, with the lowest temperatures of the day. In this way we ensure that the grapes arrive at the winery in perfect health.


In the production room, the wines ferment in a natural way, always controlling the temperature. Yeast plays an essential role in the process, giving priority to those contained in the grape skins. In total, the winery has the capacity to produce about 2 million liters.


We have almost a hundred barrels from different types of oak (French and American) and toasted. The wine will rest inside the barrel where it will acquire the structure, complexity, and aging potential, but always preserving the fruit and primary characteristics of the grape.


The wine is bottled once the production process has finished and, in most cases, it is stored again for the time necessary to finish perfecting and maximize its organoleptic properties..


During the entire process of making and storing wine, it is especially important to take care of and ensure the properties of the wine. For this reason, our winemaker makes numerous analyzes throughout the process to safeguard its quality.