Tudon's Tinto

Almarina Rose


Apellation of Origin: Vino de la Tierra de Castilla


Bobal varietal rosé wine, from new vineyards plantations cultivated between 700 and 900 m of altitude.


Bobal 100%


Destemming and crushing of the grapes with nitrogen protection, cold pre-fermentation maceration with dry ice at 10º C., for 1-2 hours, carrying out a more selective extraction of aromas and color in aqueous medium without the presence of alcohol from the fermentation. (Without cession of tannic and bitter substances).

Bleeding of the flower must and subsequent static settling for virgin fermentation in stainless steel tanks with selected yeasts and controlled temperature at 14-15ºC for 10-15 days.

Racking and separation of the coarse lees, to avoid malolactic fermentation, remaining in contact with the fine lees and daily batonage at 10 ºC for the extraction of polysaccharides and mannoproteins that give it its volume and unctuousness in the mouth.

Clarification, filtration, and cold bottling with nitrogen protection throughout the process to preserve the natural carbon dioxide and the aromatic and taste characteristics.


Pinkish color of medium layer with violet hues. Varietal aroma of ripe fruit, with citric and tropical notes. On the palate it is fresh and balanced, with a smooth mid palate and a sparkling touch, with a light finish where the after-tasting is expressive and very fruity.


Service and conservation temperature between 8º and 10ºC.


Ideal to taste only for its elegant finesse and varietal character, it also goes well with appetizers, salads, and light meals, pasta, vegetables, and white fish.